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Virtual Health Templates at Build 2017

A nice presentation at recent Microsoft Build 2017 event in Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, WA, May 10 – 12, illustrating Skype for Business integration using Virtual Health Templates and Mcirosoft Hololens.

Skype for Business includes powerful support for audio/video conversations and meetings. Find out how we built a complete “Virtual Consult” facility for doctors, and how you can weave the power of audio/video conversations into your own apps.

Virtual Health Templates

Virtual Health Templates

Modern healthcare providers are constantly looking for innovative ways to service and connect their patients and care teams. We are excited to announce the publication of new developer templates that extend Skype for Business as a platform for virtual healthcare.

More info: Virtual Health templates.

Download: here.

Visit where you’ll find documentation and code samples to help you get started. Once you jump in, tell us what you think. Give us your feedback on the API and documentation through GitHub and Stack Overflow or make new feature suggestions on UserVoice.

Dynamic Guest Access (preview)

Today Microsoft is extending the value of the Skype Developer Platform with a collection of new capabilities designed to support an important scenario with broad application across a range of industries – remote advisors connecting over real-time voice and video with external customers using the power of Skype for Business and Office 365.

More info: Build Remote Advisor solutions with Skype for Business.

Providing a secure and reliable Remote Advisor experience to customers outside of your organization requires two key elements – seamless integration with your existing customer identity system, and dynamic control over how your trusted applications can authorize those users to access Skype for Business Online. Today we’re excited to announce the first extension of the Skype Developer Platform to support trusted applications in Skype for Business Online with a public preview of the Skype Developer Platform – Dynamic Guest Access feature.

Dynamic Guest Access builds on a REST-based API that enables developers to facilitate meeting scheduling and authorize users to access Skype for Business Online resources using secure, session-based tokens. Dynamic Guest Access works together with the Skype Web SDK, App SDK, and UCWA to enable Remote Advisor and other business-to-consumer solutions.

To learn more about the Dynamic Guest Access preview feature, please visit the Skype for Business GitHub repository.


Messenger@Net provides real-time alerting of significant enterprise events from virtually any input source to virtually any notification technology. The suite is installed in 200 enterprises in Belgium and deployed globally through Philips, NEC, Nortel and Avaya.

It handles healthcare integration with nurse-call systems, patient monitoring systems, evacuation and contingency plans, building automation, fire and technical alarms, IT infrastructure, PMS administration, asset tracking, location detection…

The suite is also in use in leading hotel chains across EMEA and APAC unifying mobile handsets, building management, fire detection, intrusion detection and workflow applications in SaaS model.

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