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Lync Server 2013 in Healthcare

Lync Server 2013 platform offers great opportunities in Healthcare. Below some of my PowerPoint presentations highlighting the infrastructure and possibilities to leverage business processes with CEBP and one of my customers using the platform in healthcare environment.

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Messenger@Net provides real-time alerting of significant enterprise events from virtually any input source to virtually any notification technology. The suite is installed in 200 enterprises in Belgium and deployed globally through Philips, NEC, Nortel and Avaya.

It handles healthcare integration with nurse-call systems, patient monitoring systems, evacuation and contingency plans, building automation, fire and technical alarms, IT infrastructure, PMS administration, asset tracking, location detection…

The suite is also in use in leading hotel chains across EMEA and APAC unifying mobile handsets, building management, fire detection, intrusion detection and workflow applications in SaaS model.

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iSHospital is an all-in-one communications, management and billing application that enables healthcare and other institutions to provide care-free services to patients and employees. The application can be connected easily to the organization’s existing networks and host systems.

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Exploring Cisco Unified Communication Manager infrastructure and AVVID framework, providing SOA for integrating Cisco IP Phones with business processes running on Microsoft, Unix/Linux and IBM operating system.

Prove of concept porting Messenger@Net towards Cisco Platform.

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Visionary portfolio already featuring today’s Unified Communication and Collaboration workloads, with front-end UI’s and SDK’s on different operating systems (Windows, Web, IBM, Linux…) empowering early adopters such as NATO/OTAN (1995).

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Management@Net LE

Engine automating the administration and synchronization between different systems in hospitals: PBX infrastructure, administrative IT tools, contact database, accounting systems, call analysis and statistics…

It handles check-in and check-out with automated change management of directory, PID codes, patient move room with automatic DID-number preservation, cost-calculation…

The platform also features a corresponding PMS connector for IBM AS/400 platform: EAI/OM gateway for System i.

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IBS Pharma

Architecture and development of technical layers of IBM midrange based pharmaceutical wholesale business solution. Automating order intake from pharmaceutical shops, real-time stock reservation, JIT-delivery and manual/automated picking process and conveyer steering.
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