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Microsoft Ignite – 2019

Unleash productivity with these Microsoft Teams breakout sessions at Microsoft Ignite

GS006 – Modern teamwork: Transform collaboration and communications with Microsoft 365

Recommended by Chantal De Menezes – Microsoft:

Teams Core Fundamentals

These sessions are jam-packed with information about current and new features, as well as some guidelines around trouble shooting, architecture and compliance:

BRK2159: What’s new in Microsoft Teams, The hub for teamwork

BRK2161: Microsoft 365, Built for Teamwork

BRK3118: Microsoft Teams Architecture Update

BRK3120: Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams

BRK3126: What’s new in EDU? Updates to Microsoft Teams in Office 365 Education

BRK3135: Learn more about security and compliance for Microsoft Teams

BRK3140: Microsoft Teams in the Government Cloud

BRK3231: Collaboration on the Go with the Microsoft Teams Mobile App

BRK3370: Innovation of Microsoft Teams built on a foundation of quality

BRK4012: How to manage Microsoft Teams effectively

Intelligent Calls, Meetings & Devices

Teams is modernizing the meeting experience. Learn what intelligence mean when it comes to meetings and calling, including your devices experiences.

BRK2169: Reaching broader audiences with Microsoft Teams live events

BRK2188: Intelligent meetings in Microsoft Teams

BRK3168: Intelligent Communications across devices in Microsoft Teams

BRK3232: Collaborative Calling and Business Voice in Teams

Change Management, Adoption and Success Stories

Help your company embrace and adopt this new way of working. With examples from different industry verticals as well as tips and tricks to help you activate teamwork across your organization:

BRK2143: Improving Health Teams Collaboration using Microsoft Teams

BRK2160 : The time for Teams: Scenarios to realize the value of Microsoft Teams

BRK2189: Success with Teams Customer Panel – Best practices for large scale enterprise deployments

BRK2366: Find out how one of the biggest retailers in Europe is using Microsoft Teams

BRK3170: Driving Teams Adoption: Enabling the modern workplace with O365 & Microsoft Teams

Upgrading from Skype for Business Online to Teams

These sessions will assist more technical roles to prepare for the transition from Skype for Business to Teams. From planning to migration, we’ve the session for you. Find out more about what you need to know to have a smooth transition:

BRK2190: Delighting your End Users: Facilitating a smooth transition from Skype for Business to Team…

BRK3141: Designing your path from Skype for Business to Teams: Start Here!

BRK3142: Planning a seamless migration from Skype for Business to Teams for IT Admins

BRK3230: Learn How Microsoft Does IT: The Journey from SfB to Teams

IT Pro Deep Dives

Deep dive into key topics in these technical sessions geared for IT Pro’s who will be supporting Microsoft Teams as a part of their environment:

BRK3113: Deep dive into the Administration Portal for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business

BRK3138: Managing Client Deployments and Updates for Microsoft Teams

BRK4013: Quality in Meetings and Calling in Microsoft Teams Deep dive

BRK3169: Understanding calling usage and diagnosing call failures in Microsoft Teams

BRK2461: How to choose, deploy and manage the right Teams Devices

BRK4014: Deep dive on Office 365 Direct Routing

BRK4016: Understanding Media Flows in Microsoft Teams

BRK3229: Everything you need to know about Skype for Business Server

BRK3124: How Skype for Business on-premises customers can take advantage of Teams meetings

Extending Platform and Apps

If you’re interested in understanding the available (and brand new) APIs and extensibility capabilities of the Microsoft Teams platform, make sure to attend these information-packed sessions. In each session we will share how organizations can deliver the real power of the Microsoft Teams platform, to their people:

BRK2453: Drive Digital Transformation through Apps in Microsoft Teams

BRK3119: Deep Dive into Building Apps for Microsoft Teams

BRK2463: Introduction to programmable voice and video in Microsoft Teams

BRK3122: Connecting Microsoft Teams to third-party meeting room devices with Cloud Video Interop

BRK3136: How to manage secure, custom applications in Microsoft Teams

Learning Paths

Learning Paths are role-based recommendations on how to plan your week at Microsoft Ignite. Choose from the below Learning Paths that include not only breakout and theater session resources, but also includes recommended labs, certification exams, hands-on workshops, shared experiences like the Immersion Zone and links to valuable resources for your continued learning.

Unified Communications Manager

I’m a veteran Unified Communications IT Pro and support my organization’s Enterprise Voice infrastructure. I’m interested in learning how we can better leverage the cloud for our voice/communications needs and am looking to learn more about the future of Intelligent Communications at Microsoft, including the transition from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams. More info

Application Administrator – Teamwork

I manage all enterprise teamwork and collaboration applications, including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and Yammer. I am looking for best practices on how to better leverage the Office 365 teamwork suite of product and services to solve many of our existing business challenges. I also want to dive deep into configuration, management and customization best practices within each of the teamwork applications. More information

User Productivity Manager

I am the Productivity Manager for a large enterprise organization that has been fully deployed on Office 365 for the past several years and we are in the process of transitioning to Microsoft 365. Our leadership looks to me to understand our internal stakeholder’s business process requirements and to provide recommendations on what productivity tools to use. I work with IT to get these tools implemented and adopted throughout the organization. More information

In addition to all these great sessions, we encourage you to stop by the Teamwork & Intelligent Communications Booth and meet with the team. We would love to hear your feedback and help you to plan, deploy, secure and manage your Teams environment.

Microsoft Teams – Build 2018

Computing is no longer just an interface that you go to, but it’s instead embedded everywhere — in places, things, our homes and cities. The world is a computer. CEO Satya Nadella shares Microsoft’s vision and roadmap for how developers can lead in this new era.

Visit Build 2018 site for latest info on Build 2018.

Download the transcripts on Press Pack, including

  • Press Release AI, edge and cloud
  • Press Release Microsoft 365
  • Official Microsoft Blog
  • Transcript Joe Belfiore keynote
  • Transcript Satya Nadella keynote
  • Transcript Scott Guthrie keynote

Virtual Health Templates at Build 2017

A nice presentation at recent Microsoft Build 2017 event in Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, WA, May 10 – 12, illustrating Skype for Business integration using Virtual Health Templates and Mcirosoft Hololens.

Skype for Business includes powerful support for audio/video conversations and meetings. Find out how we built a complete “Virtual Consult” facility for doctors, and how you can weave the power of audio/video conversations into your own apps.

Virtual Health Templates

YouTube Channel

I recommend reviewing the Skype for Business YouTube channel:
Skype for Business – YouTube Channel

Skype for Business Video Broadcast Series

  • SOF CQD training series
  • Skype Academy
  • SOF trainings
  • Skype for Business Instructor Led Training
  • Skype Developer Platform
  • Skype Developer Platform: Partner Conversations
  • Microsoft Office: Skype for Business How-to
  • Customer Stories
  • Business Uses Lync to Connect with Students – Subtitled
  • Lync knows.
  • Lync Conference 2014 Customer Sessions
  • Lync Conference Sessions
  • #LyncConf14 Launch Pad

Cloud Connector

Microsoft has announced the new Cloud Connector Edition of Skype for Business Server is generally available worldwide since April 11th, 2016.

All versions of Skype for Business Server come with Cloud Connectivity included and allow customers worldwide to use Office 365 Cloud PBX with the carrier calling services of their choice.

The newly released Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition allows customers to quickly connect existing customer phone lines and phone numbers to Office 365 by delivering these proven hybrid capabilities as optimized, pre-configured virtual machine images.

As such, now customers have two choices for connecting their existing PSTN Circuit, Carrier and Contract to Cloud PBX operating in Office 365 :

Build 2016

I recommend Skype for Business Server 2015 developers reviewing the information of Build 2016 San Francisco, CA from March 30 – April 1, 2016.

A recording of the Skype for Business Developer Platform Update session can be found here:

I also recommend the session below:

Microsoft continues to focus on enabling developers to do amazing work as businesses and industries transform in support of the shift to a cloud-first, mobile-first world. At Build 2016 they present the latest tools and technologies and how they can help today’s developers be their most creative and productive.

The presentations and broadcasts can be found on Channel9.

This week at Build 2016Microsoft announced the general availability of new developer capabilities for Skype for Business Online that enable developers to easily embed real-time presence and messaging into enterprise and Office 365 applications.

Develop for Skype for Business Online

For the first time ever, we are enabling third party apps to natively integrate with Skype for Business Online and connect to our cloud services. New updates include:

  • Skype for Business User API
    Create apps for Skype for Business Online via the User API (UCWA). Based on the UCWA service initially delivered for Skype for Business Server, the Skype for Business User API allows third party apps to work directly with a users’ chat messages, presence and contacts. Find the Skype for Business User API here. See also my publications and code.
  • App Registration with Azure AD and Office 365
    Register your Skype for Business Online apps as trusted Office 365 apps, to ensure user/admin consent and distribution, and setting the foundation for Skype for Business to connect natively with Office going forward (e.g. integration with Graph API, publish apps via Office Store). Register your apps here.

Embed Conversations with SDKs for Web and App

The new Skype for Business App SDKs enable developers to embed conversations and communication capabilities into enterprise solutions and Office 365 apps so customers can connect with businesses anytime, anywhere and on any device. New updates include:

  • Skype Web SDK
    The Skype Web SDK opens up a new set of possibilities for adding conversations into every enterprise scenario. Built as a JavaScript wrapper, it is now more simple to create a web app. Embed conversations with the Web SDK to enable features such as presence, instant messaging, video and voice. Presence, instant messaging and contact capabilities are generally available today. Support for audio and video via a plug-in with Microsoft Edge (other browsers coming soon) is also offered today–in Preview. You can find the Skype Web SDK here.
  • Skype for Business App SDKs for iOS and Android
    We’re also announcing the upcoming preview of our Skype for Business App SDK. The initial preview, available at the end of April, will focus on select business to consumer (B2C) scenarios such as enabling virtual office visits with your doctor directly within a custom virtual care app.

Additionally, in Build 2016 keynote Microsoft introduced Skype Bots – a new way to bring expertise, products, services and entertainment into your daily messaging on Skype. Today, Skype bots can come to life through messaging, and in the future audio and video calling will be enabled. For more details on what we released in preview and how developers can get started, go to

Build native Android, iOS and Windows apps with Visual Studio
Xamarin enables developers to create fully native applications on Android, iOS, and Windows in C#. At //build 2016, we announced the availability of Xamarin features in Visual Studio Community. Share code across platforms while delivering apps with native performance and look and feel. Additionally, you now have expanded access to Xamarin University curriculum for on-demand mobile development training, including cross-platform best practices from Xamarin mobile experts and industry luminaries.

Enterprise Connect

In case you missed Zig Serafin’s keynote at Enterprise Connect today, you can watch a recording of the Skype Meeting Broadcast, announcing

  • PSTN Conferencing available for purchase in 32 countries
  • PSTN Calling Preview outside the U.S.
  • Project Rigel—bringing the Skype Meeting experience to every meeting room
  • Connecting traditional video teleconferencing systems to the Office 365 Meeting experience
  • Unified management, reporting and analytics for enterprise communications
  • Meeting Broadcast transcript

Read this Office blog for more information about the announcements of today :
Expanding the reach of Skype for Business meetings and voice services in Office 365.

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Skype for Business Developer Platform

This presentation introduces the new Skype for Business Developer Platform.

A high-level overview of server site, client site and B2C API of the Skype Development platform are represented below.

In summary the following scheme represents access to User API, Application API and UCMA.

The new Skype Web SDK dramatically reduces the complexity trough UX Controls and Javascript Object Model and Languages interfaces.

For those familiar to my blog articles on UCWA 1.0, below an example for easy it becomes to enable your website with UC.

If you could not attend Microsoft Ignite 2015, I recommend reviewing the session The Power of the Platform: Developing with the Skype Developer Platform by Andrew Bybee and Daniel Valik.

© 2015 by Microsoft (non-NDA)

Skype for Business

Time to get ready for Skype for Business…

The Skype for Business Client Preview enables IT professionals with the Lync 2013 client to become familiar with the new Skype for Business Client user interface. The Skype for Business Client Preview is provided to help IT professionals prepare for adoption and change management of the new user interface. It is an update to the existing MSI install for Office 2013 allowing IT admins to pilot and test the new interface prior to the solution’s general availability.

More info…

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