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Skype URIs

Skype URIs provide a simple way for you to initiate Skype calls and chats directly from websites, desktop, and mobile apps.

In its simplest form, you can embed a hyperlink referencing a Skype URI in a webpage to place a Skype call. For example, to initiate a call to the Skype Echo / Sound Test Service, the link would be

Clicking the link:

1.Brings the device’s Skype client into focus, starting it as necessary.
2.Effects auto-login or prompts your users for their Skype Name and password.
3.Typically opens a confirmation dialog to authorize placing the call.
4.Places the call.

More information on MSDN.

I will publish in the upcoming months information on the Skype URIs of Skype Development platform.

Please review the presentation introducing the new Skype for Business Developer Platform.