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Code – UCWA in C# – Part 01 of 05

This post is part 1 of a series of 5 on writing C# applications using UCWA 2.0.

I used Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015 running Windows 10 and targeted Windows Desktop Application to .NET Framework 4.6.1. The application illustrates the steps like autodiscover both internal and external and the different steps involved to logon. Next some examples of using resources like Note, Location, Presence and sending a Hello World IM as well as Call via Work.

In upcoming posts more advanced code, handling redirects, implementing event channels, keeping the application alive and handle both incoming and outgoing conversations.

Later on more complete implementation of the remaining documented features of UCWA implemented, and how to access the less documented modalities such as audio and video.

In the App.config nothing special, just added the defaultProxy allowing my program to run in our company behind firewall and proxy server that would else block HTTPS traffic.


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Code – UCWA in C#

I will publish in the upcoming months C# software I have developed based upon UCWA 1.0 and UCWA 2.0 showcasing advanced integration scenarios in on-premise environments, based upon UCWA documentation (and with a little help of Fiddler for the undocumented modalities).

Revisit this page when the Application API and JS UC Controls, UCWA JS OM, UC Controls, UCWA Mobile OM become generally available, with more options in Hybrid or Office365 environments.

I was inspired by the blog and movie of Tsuyoshi Matsuzaki san – my basic skills of the Japanese language acquired during previous employment at company NEC was most helpful to understand his point. Also the specs at MS-OCDISCWS and article of Graham Cropley explaining the discovery process.

In the meantime I recommend reviewing the basic introduction samples available on Microsoft Developer Network

  • Create UCWA Windows Store apps using C#/XAML and XML: info, code
  • Open an event channel in a UCWA app using C#/XAML and XML: code

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