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Microsoft Teams – Graph

Microsoft Teams apps built on Microsoft Graph give work groups a new tool to make collaboration a more productive and compelling experience. Using Microsoft Teams, work group users share assets, interact through chat, and schedule events on the team calendar. Enhance the value of Microsoft Teams by adding team, channel, and conversation automation via apps based on the Microsoft Teams API.

Home – Microsoft Graph
Quick Start – Microsoft Graph
Examples – Microsoft Graph
Micosoft Teams – Graph API (beta)
Overview – Documentation – Microsoft Graph
Teamwork (preview) – Documentation – Microsoft Graph
Graph Explorer – Microsoft Graph
Use the Microsoft Graph API to work with Microsoft Teams

Sample C# for accessing Microsoft Teams data via the Microsoft Graph
Samples on GitHub
Get started with Microsoft Graph

Microsoft Teams – Build 2018

Computing is no longer just an interface that you go to, but it’s instead embedded everywhere — in places, things, our homes and cities. The world is a computer. CEO Satya Nadella shares Microsoft’s vision and roadmap for how developers can lead in this new era.

Visit Build 2018 site for latest info on Build 2018.

Download the transcripts on Press Pack, including

  • Press Release AI, edge and cloud
  • Press Release Microsoft 365
  • Official Microsoft Blog
  • Transcript Joe Belfiore keynote
  • Transcript Satya Nadella keynote
  • Transcript Scott Guthrie keynote

Microsoft Teams – PowerShell

The PowerShell Gallery is the central repository for PowerShell content. You can find new PowerShell commands or Desired State Configuration (DSC) resources in the Gallery. Teams PowerShell Beta module 0.9.3 is now available.

Add-TeamUser Get-Team Get-TeamChannel Get-TeamFunSettings Get-TeamGuestSettings Get-TeamMemberSettings Get-TeamMessagingSettings Get-TeamHelp Get-TeamUser New-TeamChannel New-Team Remove-Team Remove-TeamChannel Remove-TeamUser Set-TeamFunSettings Set-TeamGuestSettings Set-TeamMemberSettings Set-TeamMessagingSettings Set-Team Set-TeamChannel Set-TeamPicture Connect-MicrosoftTeams Disconnect-MicrosoftTeams


Microsoft Teams – C#

The Microsoft Teams Development Platform offers good starting place to:

Check out the links Get started on the Microsoft Teams platform with C#/.NET and Quickly develop apps with Teams App Studio.

A C# sample of Microsoft Teams can be downloaded here : Microsoft Teams C#.

This sample app will give you all the tools you need to start developing for Microsoft Teams.

The sample app has two goals:

  • To show you different examples of how an app can integrate into Teams.
  • To give you a starting point of patterns, examples, and tools that can be used as a template for creating a larger, scalable, enterprise-level bot to work within Teams.

To get the sample app up and running, follow the directions below or in the file in Github.