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Microsoft – Kaizala Pro

Note: Microsoft Kaizala Pro now also available for Office 365 subscription in Belgium

Microsoft Kaizala makes it easy to connect and coordinate with your field workers – wherever they are. Efficiently manage work or collect data from individuals or large groups, even if they’re not in your organization.

Once added to your Office365 service plan, Kaizala will be off-by-default for your organization. You can choose to enable it for your tenant on the Kaizala management portal by signing in using your Office 365 admin credentials.

Though off by default for your organization, Kaizala Pro licenses will be assigned to individual users. You can manage user licenses through standard license management procedures.

Once enabled, your users can link their Office 365 account on the Kaizala mobile app, and they can start using the Kaizala management portal to create and manage groups, generate reports and more.

Kaizala is available as a connector on Microsoft Flow. This allows you to incorporate Kaizala in your business workflow. And, since Flow supports 200+ connectors – which presents an opportunity to build Kaizala solutions with them.

How do I get started using Kaizala APIs ? In order to start using Kaizala’s REST-based API, you need to