Code – UCWA in C# – Part 03 of 05

In previous post Code – UCWA in C# – Part 02 of 05 we provided support to retrieve and set personal note, presense and location.

In this post we will extend our prototype with ability send IM.

In the section below, we want to implement an outbound Instant Message conversion to a selected destination.

This is just a prototype, illustrating sending IM with UCWA. A kind of Hello World! allowing to specify the subject and the body. Subject will be shown in the toast at the detination party and will be on top of the conversation windows. The body is the actual IM message. Similar to Logon involves IM also different steps. Again this is just a prototype, please refer to the UCWA documentation of wait for the next blog post for more production style code.

There are some remaining code sections that complete the program.

Finally also a generic GET command, where you can select one of many the available resources that were obtained during logon. Not all of them will work, but for example you can retrieved your policies or people/groups or people/contacts.

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