Microsoft – Insider Dev Tour

I has the privilege attending today the Insider Dev Tour in Microsoft Zaventem. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Pete Brown for organising this great event, as well as the the local speakers Wesley Cabus, Nico Vermeir, Pieter Nijs, Elio Struyf, Stijn Michiels and Bart Lannoeye (congrats).

If you missed it or could not attend, have a look to the lab sessions:

Additional reading topics:

The Insider Dev Tour is for developers interested in building Microsoft 365 experiences today, using the latest developer technologies, as well as for those who want a peek into the future. If you can read code, this is for you, regardless if you are a beginner, expert, student, or hobbyist developer!

The morning anchor session included a demo and code-focused overview of the new developer technology coming out of Redmond. It covered Windows, Azure, Office, AI and more, providing the input needed for decisions when picking from the latest technology for a next project.

In the afternoon, we willed down into the code. We learned to build native Win32/XAML apps and Progressive Web Apps, and take advantage of the latest Windows 10 capabilities. We learned how to add AI (Artificial Intelligence) into your projects, how to connect with new ecosystems using the Microsoft Graph, and how to bring your experiences into the next dimension through Mixed Reality.

The tour was an opportunity to connect directly with leads and engineers from Redmond, as well as regional industry leads and Microsoft Developer MVPs.