SDN 2.2

Microsoft has released the Skype for Business SDN (Software-Defined Networking) 2.2 Interface build 6.0.9319.68. This allows developers to build applications and services that can monitor, isolate and correct issues on the network that affect Skype for Business quality of experience. The installer application also provides customers with the ability to interface with qualified 3rd party applications built on the Skype for Business, SDN API.

The SDN 2.2 interface can be downloaded from the link below:

The Microsoft Skype for Business SDN Interface provides a subscription-based interface for network controllers or network management systems to receive call and quality data to monitor and analyze network traffic in order to optimize the Skype for Business media stream quality.

The Microsoft Skype for Business SDN Interface is not a programming interface but a RESTful interface through which subscribed systems (generally called “subscribers”) receive data about active calls and the end-to-end measured quality of media streams.

The data received is used to identify, diagnose and resolve quality and performance issues in the Skype for Business environment or the network infrastructure that it uses. The quality metrics are intended to correlate with information observed by the network infrastructure as well as with other calls, call-legs, devices and endpoints. Goals of the SDN Interface include Superior diagnostics, Dynamic QoS and Intelligent routing.

The objective is to provide quality data as close to real-time as possible, although without any guarantees; this enables real-time tracking and diagnosis of calls in progress, as well as the collection of data for long-term analysis.

If you are new to SDN there are some sessions on latest Microsoft 2015 Ignite, like BRK2191, BRK3874, BRK3107 and BRK3174 highlighting the power of Software Defined Networking.